Sweeping Out the Winter TV Doldrums

House of Cards

As winter weather continues to pound much of the U.S., make no mistake. Spring is firmly upon us, especially when it comes to TV shows.

And while technically there are still several more weeks before temperatures really begin to swing, what Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog confirmed for us earlier in February, there is plenty of entertainment at our fingertips to keep us warm and cozy. Just consider this short list:

  • Season 3 of House of Cards and President Frank Underwood hit Netflix on Friday (I plan to watch all episodes over the coming week)
  • The Black List and Hannibal (the latter not set to start again until this summer) are NBC’s only saving graces this side of Jimmy Fallon and Sunday Night Football
  • The return of The Good Wife after a month and a half hiatus to CBS
  • HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 5 starts April 12
  • Wentworth, the real best drama on TV about the female prison system, returns to Soho/FoxTel on April 7 for all you Aussies or those of you with primo satellite service (Don’t worry, Netflix should have it by this fall or winter.)
  • And I have to mention my guilty pleasures Stalker on CBS and Forever on ABC.

Streaming video and the cable revolution has given us so many options it’s mind-boggling. There is literally something for everyone, and that’s not even mentioning the million and one reality shows.

So now that Oscar season has concluded, and the real Best Picture, The Theory of Everything, didn’t win, we all can return to our seat on the couch. So sit back, relax, grab that remote and let the TV viewing resume.


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