If we watch it, why the hell not write about it? Don’t get me wrong, we’re not slothful couch potatoes. Or are we? Hey, we’re lovers of the visual medium and passionate consumers.

As self-proclaimed television and movie critics, we’re story tellers by heart interested in three-dimensional characters that are both conflicted and ultra complex. Detective shows happen to be one of our favorite genres and we have a special place in our heart for British television shows. Thank you Netflix streaming. Speaking of how we consume. We’re not prejudice. We consume via streaming. Yes, we’ve got cable. We’re Verizon Fios folk. We subscribe to and love Amazon Prime. Who doesn’t love being an Amazon member? Every Tuesday we Redbox-it because they come out with their latest releases. Smart TV is our friend, as is Apple TV.

If we can’t watch, we DVR and try not to miss out. But, there are so many hours in the day. We don’t have a post schedule. We write when we can. We try to watch and write as often as possible. If you’re a film and TV nerd at heart, hope you visit and follow us and make sure to comment when you can. Some of you might not agree with our take on a TV show or film, but that’s the beauty of having an opinion.

We can agree to disagree. Thanks for stopping by. Happy tube watching.

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