I’m in love with TLC programming because they know their target audience. Women love inspirational shows, ones about weight, body image, and children. TLC programming offers all of this and then some. TLC producers are smart to know what women want and what will keep us tuning in.


Body image is a huge issue for women; it’s a super sensitive subject for most of us. Decent allotment of women desire to lose weight even if they’re slender and healthy looking in the eyes of those around them. Most of us “feel fat” while other highly confident women can admit they love their look, whatever that look might be.

On average most people are about 10-15 pounds over what their targeted BMI should actually be. Regardless of how fit or overweight or somewhere in between a woman might be, TLC programming sheds light on body image.

MY 600-lb LIFE

TLC programming launched this inspirational reality show. I’m not sure if some of us who aren’t obese feel less fat watching this show. For me, it gets me motivated to lose the 15 pounds that I know I need to lose. Personally, I blogged about my weight on my parenting site and shamelessly showed my weight. I’ve gone from 145 pounds to 139 doing a juice cleanse, pureed diet. I hope to continue to lose more weight. One of my favorite things to do is to watch My 600-lb Life while at the gym.

It helps to watch TLC programming because it motivates me. You can judge people who are 600 pounds overweight and wonder how they got to where they are today. But, it’s gradual and happens a little at a time, one day at a time. Over the course of years, family members enable each other to become overweight.

The transformational process is of course my favorite. Yes, it is disappointing when some episodes feature gastric bypass candidates that don’t end up changing their ways or losing that much weight. But, this also sheds light on the reality of this show, that it reflects honest results.


Let me just say that I’ve fallen in love with Whitney Thore, who captured the hearts of many with her YouTube dance video that went viral. Whitney braved her way before the camera and strutted her stuff disregarding what others might think. Doing this single act exposed a kind of confidence, which is a struggle for some women battling body image. She’s a champion for all women anorexic, slender, big-boned, obese, or somewhere in between. Instead of feeling ashamed of her size, she embraces herself as she is and yet works hard to exercise.

Now, she may or may not be pregnant. Rumors circulating that she’s had a false pregnancy test. Regardless, as a woman watching my heart goes out to Whitney. I can understand if you weren’t expecting to be pregnant, but then you accept it. You get all excited, only to be let down. Pregnancy is a huge subject for women, which leads me to my next favorite show.


Okay, I always secretly wanted twins. I figured I can just knock it out the first shot and not have to get pregnant twice. I have just one daughter and it’s hard, let alone having multiples! We’re not talking about 2, or 3…but 5 little babies in one belly! Adam and Danielle Busby are parents the first all girl quintuplets born April 8, 2015 just a month before my daughter who was born May 12, 2015. While I don’t watch this show as much as I watch the other two, it’s a great show.


Once again, TLC programming is the best for women. I don’t mind that there’s a network that targets women, it makes it easier to know what channel to turn to. I’m also a huge Lifetime and Hallmark fan, but that’s for another blog.

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