Little Take Over of Reality: Little Women LA & Terra’s Little Family

Little Take Over of Reality: Little Women LA & Terra's Little FamilyRegardless if reality television has gotten a bad rap, watching Little Women: Terra’s Little Family the show has surprisingly grown on me. As I recently had a child, I can attest to the fact that taking care of a newborn is not easy. Try being a little person with a newborn!

Reality television has allowed us ordinary folk to dive deep into lives outside of our own in order to discover that there are more similarities that connect rather than disconnect us. So far the show takes us along the journey of two little people, Terra Jolé (dwarfism- achondroplasia) and Joe Gnoffo (dwarfism- pseudoachondroplasia) as they welcome their daughter Penelope “Penny” Charlevoix Gnoffo into this world. Penny, being only 2 months older than my daughter, has to face some tough challenges ahead of her just as their parents expected.

Terra and Joe’s biggest fear and primary concern for their daughter is her health. Like all parents, Terra and Joe are naturally concerned especially after they receive news that Penny might need surgery sooner than later. It was almost a given that their child would end up having some type of surgery, but they didn’t expect that Penny would potentially need one so soon. In a previous episode we see their doctor make mention of a surgery. Then, Joe’s health declines due to back issues.

Perhaps an ordinary, full-sized person might watch and snicker at the show, but put yourself in their shoes and I am not sure how funny you’d think it would be. Though, the show is not without moments of humor and drama. Especially if you watch Little Women LA and Terra’s Little Family. Regardless of your size, you’ll find a bunch of women that can sometimes be friendly, but other times be ultra catty. Some might stereotype such behavior as “typical” among a bunch of estrogen-filled bodies.

Regardless, I found it amusing on one of the latest episode of Little Women LA, when Tonya Bank’s disdain for Jasmine Arteaga Sorge increases into what almost ended up into a fist fight. I couldn’t help but noticed Jasmine’s husband (average sized) looking down on the two and snickering in the background. Even when the women nearly “took it outside,” you could still see Jasmine’s husband sort of have this smirk on his face. I guess he found it amusing seeing a couple of little women fight and for what? I’m not even sure Jasmine did anything wrong other than have a personality that just doesn’t jive with Tonya’s.

Regardless of their size in stature, both Little Women LA and Terra’s Little Family packs in a lot of interesting real-life struggles and drama.





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