Fit To Fat To Fit: A Reality Show Aimed To Inspire

While I do thoroughly like watching reality shows, I haven’t been giving them that much of my viewing time lately. Instead, I’ve been guilty of being glued to news channels, watching this historic election season unfold, perhaps the greatest reality show of them all.

Still, as most of us with less than perfect BMIs would agree, spring is upon us with summer not too far off, so recently I’ve become more focused on my bodily appearance. I want to look my best, especially as I had my daughter a little more than 10 months ago. Living at the beach in Southern California “perfect” beach bodies are all around me, so I’m a bit envious. That fact alone put Fit to Fat to Fit on A&E on my must-watch list. But the premise really sealed the deal.

Unlike other fitness shows, Fit to Fat to Fit not only pairs a weight-challenged contestant with a personal trainer but also attempts to even the playing field. The trainer agrees to adopt the lifestyle and eating habits of their client for a four-month period, going on calorie overload to gain 40, 50 or even more pounds. Then, the trainer and client go on a mutual quest to drop the weight.

I’ll admit, however, the first couple of episodes taken one at a time didn’t completely hook me. It is the kind of series that I prefer binging upon. That’s just my thing. So, while I’ve recently felt a wee-bit dissatisfied with my post-baby body, I quickly found myself coming back to Fit to Fat to Fit.

The show gets interesting when conflict arises between personal trainer and client. In fact, in Episode 8 we see one of the biggest transformation from trainer Fallon. With most of the trainers when they gain a lot of weight, they simply gain a belly and maybe a little back fat. In Fallon’s case, she dramatically alters her body. She’s like an entirely new person. So, it was interesting that JD, the client who weighs 400 pounds, decides that his job is preventing him from completing the challenge. Instead of being disappointed, I actually found Episode 8 refreshing because there was no happy ending, so to speak. It made the show a little more organic rather than formulaic.

Fit to Fat to Fit has definite promise. While my first impression placed the reality weight loss show in my so-so category, I have since gained a new fondness for it. I must also note that after watching a couple of more episodes, I couldn’t help but want to get my running shoes on or, as my husband did, get down and do some push ups and sit ups. So, in that regard I think Fit to Fat to Fit deserves some attention for its ability to help those with food addiction or those who’ve wanted to lose weight but have been unable to shed those stubborn pounds.


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